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Simplify your wealth.

With the proliferation of opinions and information available today, it’s often a challenge to determine what’s right for you. With all possible sources of advice, it can also be difficult to know what will turn out to be in your best interest.

Our focus is to help you define your deepest priorities as clear financial goals, and to provide the tools and processes to help simplify the options available to you. With 30 years’ experience helping clients make financial decisions confidently, we work to provide a level of comfort and clarity with respect to your retirement, family wealth and personal legacy.

Our Top 5 Features

Over the course of 30+ years, we’ve developed unique ways to help clients clarify and meet financial goals. Below are a few of the exclusive features of our client experience.

Earning your wealth is only the halfway mark; the other half is turning your wealth into something meaningful. Now that you’ve done your part, it’s our job to help you create that significance.

Robert M. Lewkowitz, CPCA
President, Lewkowitz Financial
Partner, Equity Associates



Administrative Assistant

Betty is our "in-house" paperwork expert. She makes the flow of our client meetings much smoother. She ensures the accuracy of all client information for regulatory purposes and updates and prepares all necessary documents.

Betty was born and raised in Montreal. She, along with her husband Andrew, enjoy the "country life" on their property just north of London.

Betty spends much of her spare time enjoying and caring for her family, as well as others. One of her passions is to care for seniors and also those less fortunate.

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President, Lewkowitz Financial
Partner, Equity Associates

Robert Lewkowitz has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. He founded Lewkowitz Financial in 1996 in a heritage London home recognized by the City of London Heritage Department as “the gateway to the historic Woodfield Estates.”

In 1988, Robert joined the Royal Bank of Canada after obtaining an Honours degree from the University of Western Ontario. With an interest in serving clients with a personal and comprehensive approach, he found that he was becoming a financial coach for his clients, and established an independent practice in order to serve them better.

Robert is now a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, and works with a reliable team to provide a fully personalized wealth management service for his clients. He also values ongoing education, and regularly hosts seminars in the community.

In his free time, Robert enjoys travelling and athletics. He has participated in the Boston Marathon and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He is also involved with multiple community and charitable organizations.

“I’ve found that a comfortable atmosphere is the best environment in which to have an open conversation with each client. My team and I operate out of a heritage home in London, with the aim of helping each client make the right financial choices for each individual situation.”

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Client Service Manager

Kim, born and raised in Avon, Ontario, has anchored the team at Lewkowitz Financial since 1993. After earning her diploma in Marketing and Finance from Fanshawe College in London, she continued her studies in financial planning, receiving her Mutual Funds license and attaining the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Kim is responsible for the efficient administration of all transactions, transfers, payments, and problem-solving. Always the life of any gathering, Kim is an incredible blend of fun and competence! Our clients rely on her friendly assistance and attention to detail.

Kim resides in the town of Delaware with her husband Steve, daughter Cassidy and son Brayden. Kim and her family are very active in their community, coaching teams, sitting on school committees and helping to organize fundraising events to help families with medical needs.

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Office Manager

Yvette was born in Kampala, Uganda. She moved to India just prior to the time of Idi Amin. Yvette completed her BA in India and then worked in the Middle East. Yvette manages our office operations, along with scheduling meetings and managing all communications.

She brings with her a skill level honed over many years of experience around the world. Having lived in Africa, India and the Middle East prior to coming to Canada, Yvette has developed a real love for people and it shows in how she interacts with each person who enters Lewkowitz Financial.

When not caring for clients and staff of Lewkowitz Financial, Yvette can be found caring for her husband Michael and their family. The whole family enjoys introducing others to their rich Indian cuisine and sharing their talent in both theatre and music.

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