What Robert and his team have provided me with is a sense of comfort. They took the time to learn and really understand what it was I wanted to accomplish, so that they could help me realize those goals. Their genuine interest in my needs is what has made the difference.

Diane Lyoness
Client Since 1996

Retirement is freedom

Retirement really means freedom earned through a lifetime of achievement — and if there’s anything that your financial strategy should help you do, it’s to be able to enjoy this freedom as much as possible.

To this end, we work to define a comprehensive retirement wealth strategy that includes:

  • A retirement plan designed and balanced according to your personal needs and priorities
  • Evaluating and clarifying your options through the 4-Part Retirement Framework
  • Your custom investment portfolio and unbiased investment advice
  • Your retirement projections with goal and cash flow breakdowns
  • Advanced tax strategies for transitioning into retirement and preserving wealth
  • Ongoing education and one-to-one guidance

The 4-Part Retirement Framework

Putting everything in place for retirement becomes much simpler if you can define a few key pieces.

  1. What is your target
    retirement date?
  1. How much do you need to
    accumulate to retire by then?
  1. What income will you need
    once you retire?
  1. By what margin can your
    answers to #1–3 be altered?
Do you intend to exhaust your retirement funds, or would you prefer to leave some of your wealth to your heirs? If so, how much?

The Lewkowitz Retirement Process

We begin the planning process by answering these four questions, so that we can narrow down the myriad of options in front of you and start building a clear strategy.

  • STEP 1 4 Questions

    We start by examining your wealth and defining your retirement goals in the context of our 4 essential variables.

  • STEP 2 Building the Framework

    We explore the options available to produce the savings and growth you need to reach your goals.

  • STEP 3 Framework to Plan

    We bring the best options together into a comprehensive plan that balances the 4 retirement variables.

  • STEP 4 Future in Focus

    We present your retirement plan and walk you through the steps it involves.

  • STEP 5 Follow-Through and Follow-Up

    We ensure all aspects of your plan are implemented effectively.

  • STEP 6 Re-Balancing

    Our ongoing communication involves reviewing your plan and ensuring the 4 variables remain balanced according to your needs.