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Helping Business Owners Define and Create Significance

For many owners, the day-to-day demands of the business leave little time to address your personal wealth.

It’s at this point that priorities tend to shift from the demands of your work to the future of your family, from accumulating wealth to spending it in retirement, from building your business to leaving your mark. As a business owner you have the means to create that significance – we’ll show you how.

We work with business owners to help:

  • Define and focus your legacy goals
  • Set out a plan for transitioning or selling your business
  • Prepare your portfolio for retirement savings and funding
  • Take advantage of all opportunities to save on tax
  • Define your priorities and set out plans for gifting wealth and settling your estate


What’s worth your time and what isn’t?

While you’re working, your day is too full to be able to keep up with all the news and noise of the markets. We work with professionals to simplify the process of managing, preserving and growing their wealth.

We work with professionals to help:

  • Clarify your goals for your family, wealth and retirement
  • Narrow your planning and growth options based on your timelines and priorities
  • Build and maintain clear plans for your wealth
  • Coordinate your taxation, investing and preservation strategies


Create the retirement you want.

Retirement is your time to enjoy the things that hold meaning in your life. We’ll help you clarify your vision and implement the strategies to make it happen.

We work with pre-retirees and retirees to help:

  • Define your retirement lifestyle and cash flow needs
  • Set your retirement date and the savings strategies to prepare for it
  • Manage and preserve your wealth during retirement
  • Manage investment risk according to your retirement planning status
  • Gift your wealth to charity and family without altering your lifestyle
  • Grow your wealth to meet personal goals such as travel and philanthropy


Live comfortably.

It takes more than wealth to live comfortably. We believe it requires a clear, practical strategy to ensure your wealth supports you and your family over the long term.

We work with affluent families to help:

  • Arrange education savings and prepare for other major expenses
  • Prioritize your intentions for preserving wealth, family support and your own retirement
  • Design a portfolio that suits your goals for preserving and growing your wealth
  • Identify appropriate protection and insurance strategies

Like my clients, I enjoy what I do. I understand the need to take what’s been accomplished, to share it with family and to ensure it’ll be around for future generations. These are just some of the wealth goals I help my clients achieve.

Robert M. Lewkowitz, CPCA
President, Lewkowitz Financial
Partner, Equity Associates